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How to get digiTICKET eCitation

Saltus offers digiTICKET as a turn-key solution. Saltus provides all necessary software, hardware, implementation and training services, hosting, paper and maintenance & support required to use the solution. digiTICKET can be deployed by your agency for little to no capital outlay. Saltus created a unique way for agencies to procure digiTICKET with zero up front cost! This subscription based pricing model is not a lease, or a purchase, but allows agencies to use a fully configured and deployed system for a small monthly fee per device. digiTICKET can also be purchased outright.


Saltus offers agencies the ability to procure the entire digiTICKET solution with zero up front cost! Through our “digiTICKET  Solution as a Service” (dSaaS) offering Saltus will provide hardware, software, system configuration, training, deployment, software maintenance & support, paper, hosting, RMS and Court System interfaces – everything required to deploy and use the system – for a low monthly fee per device.

Monthly fees vary based on number of devices deployed, but are typically covered by the issuance of one or two additional citations per unit, per month. Adding to the flexibility of this offering, Saltus does not require a long-term commitment. If your agency is unhappy with digiTICKET or Saltus for any reason you can return the hardware at no penalty to your agency.


If your agency has the capital budget or the dSaaS plan is not for you, digiTICKET can be purchased outright. Using the purchase option, Saltus licenses the digiTICKET software, sells all required hardware and provides implementation and training services. Following deployment, Saltus provides annual software maintenance & support as a percentage of total software license fees.

In the spirit of “keeping it simple”, Saltus offers digiTICKET as both a hosted and a packaged solution. Hardware leasing options are also available.

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