How to get digiTICKET in Georgia

Law enforcement professionals know the struggles with old-school ticketing methods all too well. Writing tickets by hand is slow, easy to mess up, and piles on a lot of extra work. Saltus Technologies has the fix with DigiTICKET in Kansas, a top-notch electronic ticket writer that helps your Kansas agency move past these issues.

Imagine a world where the headache of writing tickets is a thing of the past for your agency in Kansas. DigiTICKET in Kansas is our leading digital ticket system, made just right for the needs of both state and local government groups. With just a few clicks, cops can hand out tickets, cutting down on how long each stop takes and making things safer for officers


DigiTICKET extends beyond being just an electronic ticket writer in Georgia. DigiTICKET encompasses a comprehensive solution under our robust dSaaS framework. This includes software, hardware, training, implementation, and ongoing support, all integrated seamlessly with your existing systems. Agencies can access this solution with no initial investment through our subscription model, or choose to purchase it outright.

digiTICKET  is distinguished by its adaptability, effortlessly accommodating diverse operational needs. Each feature is thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind the on-field exigencies of officers and their administrative requirements.


Our approach to digital ticketing in Georgia is all about bringing your agency up to speed with technology. It’s not just a product but a complete, long-term solution for modern law enforcement needs.

Forget the traditional ticketing system. Contact the digiTICKET sales team to explore our innovative, long-term law enforcement solution. Move toward a future where your law enforcement ticketing is defined by efficiency, innovation, and solid support.