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Louisiana eCitation Software Solutions

eCitation software is key for public safety, suitable for both small and large police teams. Our solution, digiTICKET, is used by squads of all sizes. It’s used by large groups like the Kansas Highway Patrol and the City of New Orleans Police Department. Together, these agencies issue over 100,000 citations and warnings monthly. This highlights the wide use and success of digital ticketing in boosting law enforcement efforts.

States Supporting eCitation Software

Several states back the advantages eCitation software offers, either supplying their own or basic citation tools to law enforcement. Recognizing private entities can provide superior systems with enhanced support, some states incentivize the adoption of electronic ticketing solutions. Our eCitation software allows Louisiana the easiest citation solutions around, significantly aiding both state and local government levels. Our software streamlines operations and improves efficiency across departments. This technology simplifies citation management, offering clear benefits to officers and administrative personnel alike.

States Supporting eCitation Software

  • Removing issues due to illegible handwriting or errors from officers
  • Ending the need for entering data multiple times, which often leads to mistakes
  • Increasing cash flow with immediate electronic uploads to court systems
  • Cutting down on complaints by allowing quicker ticket payments

State and Local Governments

  • Regaining lost revenue from fewer dismissals with electronic citation solutions
  • Enhancing ticketing productivity electronically
  • More traffic enforcement, no extra manpower, via electronic solutions
  • Quicker stops improve safety, thanks to electronic methods
  • Electronic solutions cut data entry costs

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Shorter traffic stops with eCitation software allow Louisiana officers:
  • Better safety for officers and the public
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Eliminates manual paperwork
  • Streamlines approvals automatically
  • Allows real-time tracking of ticketing efficiency
  • Facilitates reporting on grants and racial profiling
  • Enables demographic data collection and analysis

Law Enforcement Officers

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Traffic stops become safer due to their brevity, reducing the likelihood of accidents. Officers face fewer distractions, enhancing focus during stops. Efficiency at checkpoints and for motor officers increases, allowing for diverse ticket issuance. Our electronic citation solutions for Louisiana officers are adaptable across numerous durable, portable devices, including those operating on Windows, iOS, and Android systems, broadening its application range.