eCitation for Motor Officers

digiTICKET has earned high praise as the best eCitation system for Motor Officers, based on its ease-of-use and ability to rapidly create tickets — getting patrol officers and the violators off the dangerous road side quickly.


  • Eliminates handwriting errors
    Brother PocketJet Trunk Mount
    Brother PocketJet
    Trunk Mount
    • Reduces repetitive entries of information such as dates, court dates, names, and signatures
    • Prevents lost tickets and issues due to weather (blowing tickets and bleeding ink)
    • Speeds up the ticketing process through DL scanning and automation
    • Provides onboard “cheat sheet” for violations, fines, points, etc.
  • Ruggedized, weather proof handheld ticketing devices, tablets, and printers
  • Hardware configurations specifically designed for saddlebags or trunks
Saltus offers the eCitation system for purchase or as a monthly service. The digiTICKET as a Service (dSaaS) procurement option requires zero upfront payments and has no long-term contract. It includes everything necessary to use the solution; hardware, software, interfaces, paper, hosting and implementation and training services. It is a risk free offering with a 60 day cancellation with no penalty.


Brother PocketJet Trunk Mount
Brother PocketJet
Trunk Mount
  • Can be deployed on existing laptop computers or on rugged handheld computers or tablets
  • Tickets are printed with thermal printers on paper with a 20 year archive-ability rating (tickets will not fade or turn black)
  • Solutions customized for each agency. In addition to uniform traffic tickets, digiTICKET can support state statutes and local ordinances.
  • Capture state racial/incident information for each stop
  • Ticket data can be electronically transferred to over 50 law enforcement Records Management and Court Case Management software solutions


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