How to get digiTICKET in Illinois

In the face of ever-increasing paperwork, law enforcement and public safety agencies often grapple with the slow, cumbersome process of manual ticket issuance. However, a revolution in electronic ticketing is underway, thanks to Saltus Technologies and our groundbreaking digiTICKET eCitation solution. Our electronic ticketing system stands ready to eradicate these issues, offering a streamlined, cost-effective approach that integrates seamlessly with state and local government protocols.

Saltus Technologies presents digiTICKET as a turnkey solution, encompassing all necessary elements for streamlined electronic tickets for your Illinois officers, from software and hardware to training and support. Remarkably, you can get started with digiTICKET for your Illinois agency with zero upfront cost, thanks to our subscription-based pricing model. This plan allows agencies to operate a fully configured digiTICKET system for a low monthly fee per device. Alternatively, agencies can opt to purchase the system outright if they prefer.


Saltus ensures that your transition to a more efficient law enforcement citation system for your Illinois law enforcement agency is smooth and risk-free. Our dSaaS (digiTICKET Solution as a Service) offering includes everything your agency will require—software, hardware, training, system configuration, deployment, hosting, paper, software maintenance, support, and RMS and court system interfaces—all at a manageable monthly fee per device. Moreover, we prioritize complete satisfaction for your Illinois agency’s use of digiTICKET, offering the flexibility to return the hardware without penalties if the solution doesn’t meet your expectations.


For agencies with the available budget, the purchase plan serves as an alternative to the subscription-based plan. This plan grants you the license to the digiTICKET software alongside requisite hardware and training services. In the spirit of simplifying complex processes, we offer both hosted and packaged solutions with hardware leasing options to meet diverse agency needs.

With years of dedication to innovation and a commitment to fostering safe, efficient communities, Saltus stands as a reliable partner in revolutionizing law enforcement citation and electronic ticket writing in Illinois and across the U.S. 

Contact the digiTICKET Sales team to learn more about how we can tailor a solution for law enforcement citations that meets your Illinois agency’s unique needs.