How to get digiTICKET in Virginia

Every police officer understands the hassle and inefficiency that comes with traditional ticketing methods. Handwritten tickets are time-consuming, error-prone, and are an administrative burden. But what if there was a way to transform this tedious process into a swift, error-free, and efficient one? Saltus Technologies introduces the digiTICKET eCitation solution, your ultimate partner in resolving these challenges.

Imagine a world where citation issues are a thing of the past. Thanks to the innovation of digiTICKET, our electronic ticket writer in Virginia has been meticulously designed to address the needs of state and local governments. With just a few clicks officers can issue tickets, reducing the time per stop and enhancing officer safety.


digiTICKET is more than an electronic ticket writer for Virginia law enforcement; it’s a comprehensive solution backed by our robust dSaaS offering. It includes everything from software and hardware to training, deployment, and support, ensuring a seamless integration with existing protocols. Agencies can leverage this solution with zero upfront cost, courtesy of our subscription-based model. Or you can opt for outright purchase.

The adaptability of digiTICKET for Virginia officers is unmatched, fitting seamlessly into various operational requirements. Every feature keeps the officer’s on-field challenges and administrative needs in mind.


Our approach to digital ticketing in Virginia epitomizes technological advancement, ready to elevate your agency into an era characterized by speed, accuracy, and innovation. We extend an invitation to explore a world where technology and innovation converge to offer not just a product, but also a comprehensive, long-term solution with digiTICKET for your Virginia agency.

Reach out to the digiTICKET Sales team today. Let’s collaboratively pave the way toward a future where law enforcement citation is defined by innovation, efficiency, and unwavering support.

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