How to get digiTICKET eCitation in Oklahoma

Law enforcement and public safety officers contend with the complicated task of manually issuing citations on a daily basis, a process prone to errors and inefficiencies. But what if there was a modern solution to this problem? Saltus Technologies presents the answer with our revolutionary digiTICKET eCitation solution, an electronic ticket writer for Oklahoma law enforcement officers to create citations. The digiTICKET system was designed to streamline the citation-writing process for law enforcement and public safety agencies everywhere. 

Our digiTICKET package encompasses everything your agency needs to get started: cutting-edge software, hardware, comprehensive training, implementation, hosting, and consistent support. Moreover, digiTICKET is offered as a subscription-based service, allowing your agency to onboard with zero upfront costs, facilitating a seamless transition to an electronic ticket writer for your Oklahoma law enforcement citation needs.


Your agency can get started with the all-encompassing digiTICKET solution with no risks and no upfront costs through our dSaaS (digiTICKET Solution as a Service) offering. This monthly subscription plan includes everything you need to implement digiTICKETr into your Oklahoma law enforcement citation process, including hardware, software, system configuration, deployment, hosting, training, maintenance, support, and RMS and court system interfaces, all for low monthly per-device fees. And because we value your complete satisfaction, we offer your agency the option to return the hardware with no penalties if digiTICKET does not meet your expectations.


If your agency prefers a direct purchase, we facilitate a straightforward procurement process, offering digiTICKET as both a hosted and packaged solution for your Oklahoma law enforcement citation-writing needs. If you prefer an outright purchase over the subscription plan, we provide the license for software, necessary hardware, implementation, and training services. Additionally, we offer annual software maintenance and support.

Embrace innovation and efficiency with the revolutionary digiTICKET electronic ticket writer, and streamline your Oklahoma law enforcement citation process.

Contact the digiTICKET Sales team now for more information about digiTICKET for your Oklahoma agency. Saltus Technologies is paving the way to modern solutions for public safety agencies across the country.