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eCitation Software for Oklahoma Agencies

Officers in charge of police and public safety in Oklahoma often encounter a significant challenge: handling tickets both efficiently and without errors. Missteps and confusion in ticket issuance can lead to lost revenue and complaints from citizens. Saltus Technologies introduces an advanced solution to eliminate this issue in Oklahoma— our eCitation software, digiTICKET, an eCitation software 

Saltus Technologies is at the forefront of revolutionizing ticket management for state and local governments across Oklahoma. Our electronic citation solution empowers your agency to operate more effectively and precisely. It’s trusted by departments of every size, from compact teams to extensive organizations such as the Highway Patrol. Thanks to digiTICKET, over 100,000 tickets and warnings are processed monthly.

The introduction of electronic ticketing marks a significant shift. It offers electronic citation solutions in Oklahoma that enhance public safety and streamline operations. Our eCitation software is crafted to accelerate procedures, minimize errors, and boost revenue from citations.

States Supporting eCitation Software

Our eCitation software has gained popularity in numerous states. Agencies nationwide appreciate the benefits of having a sophisticated, dependable, and user-friendly electronic citation solution. Our software is notable for its comprehensive support, array of features, and compatibility with various systems.

Our eCitation Software in Oklahoma provides:

Local, District, and State Courts

  • Elimination of unreadable handwriting or officer errors
  • No redundant data entry
  • Swift electronic submissions for improved cash flow
  • Reduced complaints with convenient ticket payment methods

State and Local Governments

  • Fewer ticket dismissals, translating to increased agency revenue
  • Officers can issue tickets more efficiently
  • Enhanced traffic management without additional personnel
  • Shorter traffic stops, enhancing safety for officers and the public

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Reduced duration of traffic stops
  • Increased safety for officers and civilians
  • Automated data entry and verification
  • Immediate reporting capabilities

Law Enforcement Officers

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  • Quicker, safer traffic stops
  • Reduced distractions, allowing for more focus on tasks
  • Compatibility with various hardware options

Discover how our premier eCitation software can aid your Oklahoma agency’s operations. Begin your journey toward improved efficiency, safety, and public trust with Saltus Technologies!