Eric Fultz

President & CEO

Eric Fultz has over 20 years of experience with a focus on IT strategy, operations and product management. Eric has a unique background that has provided him the opportunity to develop strong strategy, operations, sales and marketing skills. With a history that is heavy in entrepreneurship, he has a unique skill-set that includes management positions in both marketing and operations.  Eric has an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Oklahoma - where he was a three year varsity football letter winner - and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Eric acted as VP of Operations for MacroSolve, Inc. for four years before starting the digiTICKET division of the company in early 2009 and spinning of the team to form Saltus Technologies in 2010.

Regan Unruh

Chief Operating Officer

Regan Unruh is an IT professional with over 18 years of experience. After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s degrees in MIS, Regan started her career with SolArc, Inc. where she worked in quality assurance, support and software development. As a Solution Manager at Anyware Mobile Solutions, Regan was responsible for managing all aspects of Anyware’s three largest custom solutions clients and her project management and customer service oriented practices led to on-going services contracts for Anyware.  Regan joined Saltus Technologies in 2011 where her experience with all phases of software development was utilized to manage customer deployments and special projects, including the deployment of digiTICKET to the Kansas Highway Patrol. Regan’s passion for strengthening customer relationships by helping customers succeed led to her promotion to Director of Customer Care in 2014 and then to COO in 2021.  Regan currently oversees the product development lifecycle and the ongoing support and software upgrades for all deployed digiTICKET customers.

Brian Bollenbach

Vice President, Solution Services

Brian Bollenbach is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience.   After graduating from Oklahoma State University with Bachelor’s degrees in MIS and Accounting, Brian started his career with the Williams Companies as an Associate Systems Analyst.  After a brief time with Williams Brian was one of six IT professionals accepted into a professional development program aimed at a fast track to IT management.  Beginning in early 2009 Brian led the development team responsible for the development of the digiTICKET product.  Throughout his career, Brian has gained significant experience in product management and has played a significant role in supporting customers. Since 2010, Brian has lead the customer deployment team and has overseen over 200 digiTICKET deployments.

Shawn Sicking

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Shawn Sicking studied business at Oklahoma State University and moved to Denver to pursue a career in software technology. He proceeded to manage sales to multinational retailers and communication companies needing analytics and marketing database technology. While in Denver, Shawn completed his MBA studies in Electronic Commerce at Regis University. At Saltus, Shawn is responsible for sales, marketing and, account management teams engaged in developing the public safety market and SaaS offerings. Outside of the office, Shawn is passionate about giving back to the community and spending time with his family in the outdoors.

Chris Elliott

Vice President, Software Development

Chris Elliott began his professional career after graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Computer Science.  Chris has worked for both small technology companies and fortune 500 companies in varying roles and responsibilities.  He has been around software for most of his life and knows how to transform ideas into extraordinary applications.  Through these experiences Chris quickly realized there were numerous philosophies for developing software applications -some of which worked well and some which proved to be disastrous. Since early 2009 Chris has served as Technical Lead for the digiTICKET product.

Robert Young

Director, Customer Care

Robert Young has over 15 years of software development and IT services experience. With a Bachelor’s degree in MIS and an MBA in MIS, Robert has spent his career developing software solutions ranging from video relay for the deaf and hard of hearing community, to customer relationship management for small business, and electronic ticketing solutions for public safety agencies. Utilizing both his aptitude in software design & development and experience in customer service, Robert strives to continue building a strong Customer Care team focused on providing first-class client support while simultaneously empowering his team with personal and professional growth opportunities.

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Saltus Technologies is dedicated solely to developing and marketing digiTICKET – an eCitation solution for Public Safety agencies.