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eCitation Software For Kansas

Public safety and law enforcement officers face a challenge when it comes to writing citations. From illegible handwriting to lost information, most challenges of manually writing citations result from human error. The manual ticket-writing process is outdated and inefficient. But there’s a better solution. Saltus Technologies presents an innovative eCitation software solution, digiTICKET, a transformative approach to electronic traffic ticketing for Kansas law enforcement and public safety agencies.

States Supporting eCitation Software

Many states across the U.S. endorse the advantages of eCitation software, as a number of states currently provide only localized or general solutions to their local and state law enforcement agencies. Recognizing the potential for more advanced offerings from the private sector, some states have facilitated this transition by providing incentives to aid in electronic traffic ticket solutions, including Kansas. Benefitting agencies of all sizes, from small units to the prominent Kansas Highway Patrol, our eCitation software facilitates the issuance of over 100,000 citations and warnings each month. Recognized by numerous state agencies, our eCitation software offers undeniable advantages, ushering in an era of enhanced features, unparalleled support, and much less human error.

Discover the benefits that eCitation software offers your Kansas agency with electronic traffic ticketing and streamlined citation solutions.

Local, District and State Courts

  • Attain error-free data, eliminating redundant or illegible handwritten reports.
  • Experience immediate data uploads into court case management systems, which increases cash flow.
  • Enjoy a reduction in public complaints due to timely ticket payment systems.

State and Local Governments

  • Maximize revenue by minimizing dismissals.
  • Amplify ticket writing efficiency.
  • Achieve significant cost reductions by removing redundant data entry.
  • Improve traffic enforcement without additional personnel or work hours.
  • Enhance public safety with a reduction in stop times.

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Dramatically decrease traffic stop durations, which results in better allocation of resources.
  • Eliminate paperwork and manual data entry.
  • Streamline approval process with automation.
  • Harness the power of near real-time reporting, capturing pivotal data, including demographics and grant activity.

Law Enforcement Officers

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  • Ensure safety with shorter traffic stops.
  • Reduce traffic stop distractions.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Issue a wide variety of tickets.
  • Utilize electronic traffic ticket systems, which adapt to various hardware platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android devices.


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