How to get digiTICKET in Kansas

Law enforcement faces challenges with traditional ticketing methods, which are cumbersome and prone to errors. Saltus Technologies introduces a solution: digiTICKET, an advanced electronic ticket writer, for Kansas based and other nation wide agencies, that is designed to streamline the ticket writing processes.

Consider a system where the inefficiencies of manual ticketing are eliminated. Our digiTICKET system offers Kansas the ability to meet the demands of both state and local governmental agencies, enabling officers to issue citations efficiently, thus reducing stop times and enhancing safety.


DigiTICKET offers more than just an electronic ticket writer for Kansas agencies. It is part of a comprehensive dSaaS package, including software, hardware, training, setup, and ongoing support, seamlessly integrating with current systems. Agencies can access this technology through a subscription model with no upfront cost, or opt for outright purchase.

DigiTICKET is distinguished by its versatility, designed to adapt to various operational needs while considering the practical realities of fieldwork and administrative duties.


Our digital ticketing solution for Kansas agencies is not just a product but a complete system designed to modernize law enforcement practices.

Move away from outdated ticketing methods. Contact our sales team for digiTICKET so your Kansas agency can access a solution that promises efficiency, innovation, and comprehensive support.

Contact the digiTICKET Sales team for more information.