Wyoming Electronic Citation Software Solutions

Electronic ticketing offers significant advantages to public safety organizations. In Wyoming, eCitation software benefits both large and small law enforcement agencies. Our electronic citation solution, digiTICKET, is utilized even in departments with just a few officers on duty at a time. Additionally, our technology is adopted by larger entities such as the Kansas Highway Patrol and the New Orleans Police Department. Collectively, these agencies issue over 100,000 citations and warnings each month.

States Supporting eCitation Software

Many states actively endorse eCitation software, providing either specialized or standard solutions to their law enforcement agencies. Recognizing that private companies can deliver more advanced and supportive electronic ticketing systems, these states extend financial incentives or assistance for adopting such technologies. The advantages that agencies in Wyoming gain from our eCitation software are significant, improving workflow and boosting efficiency at both state and local government levels, thereby enhancing public service.

Electronic Ticket Writing

Electronic ticket writing software tackles issues like poor handwriting and human mistakes, eliminating the need for repeated data entry that often leads to errors and speeding up the flow of revenue by quickly sending data electronically to court systems. Our eCitation software in Wyoming includes the following benefits for agencies:

Local, District and State Courts

  • Getting rid of unclear handwriting and officer mistakes
  • Removing unnecessary and error-prone data entry
  • Boosting cash flow with immediate electronic data uploads into Court Case Management systems
  • Decreasing citizen complaints by making ticket payments available sooner

State and Local Governments

  • Increased traffic enforcement with no increase in manpower/hours
  • Increased ticket writing productivity
  • Recapture of lost revenues due to reduced dismissals
  • Increased officer and public safety due to reduced stop times

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Decreasing traffic stop durations leads to:
    • Improved safety for officers and the public
    • Better allocation of resources
  • Removal of manual data entry and paperwork
  • Simplified approval processes
  • Quick reporting on ticketing productivity
  • Ability to capture and report on grant activity and racial profiling information
  • Capability to capture and report demographic data

Law Enforcement Officers

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  • Enhanced safety results from shorter traffic stops 
  • There are fewer distractions during trafficstops  
  • The productivity of motor officers at checkpoints increases  
  • Officers have the capability to issue various ticket types 
  • Compatibility with multiple portable devices, including Windows, iOS, and Android platforms