Virginia eCitation Software Solutions

eCitation software enhances public safety by serving both large and small agencies. Available in Virginia, our electronic citation solution, digiTICKET, is versatile, supporting departments from those with just a few officers to larger forces like the Kansas Highway Patrol and the New Orleans Police Department. Across these varied settings, agencies issue upwards of 100,000 citations and warnings monthly.

States Supporting eCitation Software

Many states support eCitation software, offering their law enforcement agencies customized or standard solutions. Recognizing the value private companies add, some states provide financial incentives or assistance for adopting advanced electronic ticketing systems. The advantages seen by agencies in Virginia from our eCitation software are notable, significantly improving efficiency and streamlining operations at both state and local government levels. This makes it a crucial tool for enhancing the quality of public service.

Electronic Ticket Writing

Electronic ticket writing software overcomes problems from unclear handwriting and human error. It also stops the need to enter data again and again, which often leads to mistakes, and it helps agencies receive revenue more quickly because information is sent quickly to court systems. Our eCitation software in Virginia includes the following benefits for agencies:

States Supporting eCitation Software

  • Removes unreadable handwriting and officer mistakes
  • Eliminates repetitive, mistake-prone data entry
  • Enhances cash flow with fast electronic data uploads to court systems
  • Decreases public complaints by enabling quicker ticket payments

State and Local Governments

  • Increased traffic enforcement with no increase in manpower/hours
  • Increased ticket writing productivity
  • Recapture of lost revenues due to reduced dismissals
  • Increased officer and public safety due to reduced stop times

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Reduced traffic stop durations improves:
    • Safety for everyone involved
    • Resource distribution
  • Removes the need for manual data entry
  • Simplifies how approvals are made
  • Allows real-time insights into ticketing productivity
  • Enables capture and reporting on grant activity and racial profiling
  • Facilitates the capture and reporting of demographic data

Law Enforcement Officers

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  • Quicker traffic stops lead to enhanced safety on the roads
  • Reduced distractions for drivers during stops
  • Motor officers and traffic checkpoints achieve higher efficiency
  • The system allows for the issuance of a variety of ticket types
  • Electronic ticketing solutions in Virginia are compatible with a wide range of rugged, portable devices across Windows, iOS, and Android platforms