How to Get DigiTICKET eCitation in Missouri

Saltus Technologies offers digiTICKET as a complete solution for law enforcement citation. Saltus provides all the necessary software, hardware, training services, hosting, paper, and maintenance and support needed to use the system. Your Missouri agency can deploy the digiTICKET electronic ticket writer system with little to no upfront cost. Saltus created a unique way for agencies to get digiTICKET without any initial expense! This subscription-based pricing model isn’t a lease or purchase but lets agencies use a fully configured digiTICKET electronic ticket writer system for a small monthly fee per device. Agencies can also buy digiTICKET outright.


Agencies in Missouri can easily start using the digiTICKET solution from Saltus Technologies without any upfront costs. Our “digiTICKET Solution as a Service” (dSaaS) gives you everything needed, including hardware, software, configuration, training, deployment, maintenance, support, paper, hosting, RMS/court interfaces, and an electronic ticket writer. All of this comes with a budget-friendly monthly fee per device.

The monthly fee for our digital ticketing system can be easily covered by the revenue from just one or two extra citations per unit. Saltus Technologies also offers ultimate flexibility with no long-term contracts. If you’re not satisfied with digiTICKET or Saltus, you can return the hardware without penalties for your agency.


Saltus Technologies offers digiTICKET electronic ticket writer software for outright purchase if your agency has the budget or doesn’t prefer the dSaaS plan. Saltus licenses digiTICKET to Missouri agencies, sells all necessary hardware, and provides implementation and training. After setup, Saltus provides yearly software maintenance and support based on a percentage of the license fees. To keep things simple, Saltus offers digiTICKET as both a hosted and packaged solution for digital ticketing in law enforcement citations. Agencies can also lease hardware if needed.

Contact the digiTICKET Sales team for more information on how our digital ticketing system can benefit your Missouri agency!