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Why digiTICKET? Why electronic ticketing?

Improved Officer
More law enforcement officers die in traffic-related incidents than from any other single cause of death. digiTICKET can reduce the amount of time required to issue tickets by more than 50% reducing officer exposure to roadside hazards.
Higher Productivity Officers who utilize electronic ticketing can “free up” more than 50% of their time. This means more patrol time and improved public safety.
Increased Revenue
by Reducing
Ticket Errors
An estimated 5-10% of all tickets are dismissed due to errors in the ticket writing process. digiTICKET can reduce or eliminate illegible and uncollectable citations.
Automate the
Ticketing Processes
Agency and court ticket processes rely on officers submitting fully completed tickets within required time frames. digiTICKET helps agencies automate problem areas.

Return on Investment

digiTICKET typically pays for itself in a matter of months.
  1. Shorter traffic stops and the ability to issue multiple charges at one time significantly increases the numbers of tickets written – typically in significantly fewer hours.
  2. By including a database of possible offenses, all local addresses and a court calendaring tool, typical errors found on handwritten tickets – not to mention illegible handwriting – are virtually eliminated. The elimination of errors allows your agency to recapture lost revenues.
  3. The export of ticket data to Court and Records Management Systems eliminates the time to hand-enter ticket data into those systems as well as possible human error associated with manual data entry.