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Key Features

digiTICKET is an eCitation solution designed for State and Local Government. With a focus on ease-of-use, digiTICKET is not just an electronic ticket book, it also provides other functions such as photo capture, GPS mapping and enhanced reporting. digiTICKET brings together easy-to-use software, world-class customer service and the ultimate choice in mobile computing devices.

The digiTICKET solution can be deployed on any ruggedized Windows Mobile device or any tablet or laptop/MDC running Windows XP/7/8/10. These choices allow your agency to leverage your existing technology and infrastructure investments while providing a highly mobile platform for ticketing and other existing computing capabilities.

Freedom to Work Your Way

  • Highly customizable and easily configurable
  • Looks like your forms, your tickets, your processes
  • Simple to use – requires less than two hours of training
  • Supports rugged handheld, laptop and tablet computers
  • Supports Windows Mobile on handhelds and Windows XP/7/8/10 on laptops and tablets
  • Easily transfers ticket data to existing RMS and Court systems
  • Currently interfacing to over 50 different systems

Powerful, Flexible & Easy

  • Share equipment between officers
  • Work in a connected or disconnected state (does not require wireless connectivity)
  • Interface to other mobile or field reporting applications
  • Print multiple violations on one ticket
  • Record violator’s signature electronically
  • Quickly capture GPS coordinates, electronic signatures, fingerprints, voice notes, photos, and map incident locations
  • Perform NCIC queries on persons and vehicles

With digiTICKET, officers can create tickets in a fraction of the time that it takes to handwrite tickets. A ticket with up to eight charges can be created in less than 90 seconds using a driver’s license scan and a mobile printer. No additional trips to the violator’s vehicle are required by the officer and the officer never has to bring paper tickets back to the station.

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Saltus Technologies is dedicated solely to developing and marketing digiTICKET – an eCitation solution for Public Safety agencies.