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How to Get digiTICKET Law Enforcement eCitations in Louisiana

Public safety officials and law enforcement officers often face the painstaking process of handwriting traffic citations, a method not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Saltus Technologies alleviates this issue with our digiTICKET eCitation solutions, an efficient electronic ticket writer for Louisiana law enforcement citations.

We are now offering our digiTICKET electronic ticket writing technology to Louisiana law enforcement agencies. We take pride in providing a unique subscription-based model that eliminates the need for substantial upfront investment. This allows agencies to access a fully configured and deployed digiTICKET system for a minimal monthly fee per device, with the option to purchase outright.

Our comprehensive package encompasses every element you need: software, hardware, training and support, system configuration, deployment, hosting, maintenance, RMS and court system interfaces, and even paper. This simplifies the transition toward a technologically adept electronic ticket writing system Louisiana’s law enforcement personnel will value and appreciate using.


Embrace flexibility with our digiTICKET Solution as a Service dSaaS offering for your electronic ticket writing system. Louisiana law enforcement agencies can  enjoy zero upfront costs, paying a reasonable monthly fee per device, so it’s a budget-friendly solution. We value your complete satisfaction, so we offer you the freedom to return the hardware without any penalty if digiTICKET doesn’t meet your expectations.


For agencies preferring a direct purchase, we provide straightforward options to acquire digiTICKET outright. This encompasses software licensing, necessary hardware, and a full spectrum of implementation and training services. Additionally, we stand by you, offering annual maintenance and support to ensure smooth operations.

We invite you to experience the future of law enforcement citation management in Louisiana with our electronic ticket writer, digiTICKET. Contact the digiTICKET Sales team for more details.