eCitation Software for Montana

Parking and police officers face a common issue: the efficient issuing and handling of citations. Mistakes in ticketing can cause lost income and more complaints from people receiving the tickets. Saltus Technologies offers its expert eCitation software for Montana officers, designed to make ticketing tasks smoother and more accurate.

Saltus Technologies leads the way for state and local governments in changing how citations are managed. Our digiTICKET solution is all about being quick and correct. It’s used by many law enforcement groups, big and small. From a small team to a big operation like a state patrol, digiTICKET is trusted for issuing over 100,000 citations and warnings every month.

Our electronic citation solutions for Montana officers goes beyond old ticketing methods. Our ticketing methods offers solutions that make public safety jobs more efficient and patrol jobs easier for officers. Our eCitation software allows Montana users to work faster with fewer mistakes, which equates to collecting more revenue.

States Supporting eCitation Software

Our eCitation software is popular in many states, because their law enforcement agencies are pleased with how useful it is to have advanced, reliable, and efficient electronic citation tools. Great support for agencies, strong features, and easy integration are what make our eCitation software stand out.

Our electronic citation solutions promise Montana users:

Local, District and State Courts

  • Clear writing, no officer mistakes
  • No need to enter the same data twice
  • Fast electronic uploads for quicker cash flow
  • Fewer complaints from people thanks to easy ticket payment

State and Local Governments

  • Fewer dismissed cases, thus greater revenue
  • Better ticket writing efficiency
  • Stronger traffic enforcement without more staff
  • Quicker stops, improving public and officer safety

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Shorter traffic stop times
  • Improved officer and public safety
  • Easy data entry and approval
  • Quick data access
  • Quick, up-to-date reports

Law Enforcement Officers

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  • Safer, faster stops
  • Less distraction, more work done
  • Works with many strong hardware platforms


Contact Saltus Technologies to see how our top-notch eCitation software  for Montana officers can change things for the better. Start your journey toward improved efficiency, safety, and public trust with us.