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eCitation Software Solutions in Colorado

Law enforcement and public safety officials deal with the complicated and time-consuming process of issuing handwritten citations on a daily basis. Sometimes leading to misinformation and illegible handwriting, written citations leave a lot to be desired. Saltus Technologies offers a revolutionary solution for Colorado agencies: eCitation software, an electronic traffic ticket writer. Our citation solutions streamline the ticket writing process, saving your Colorado officer’s time and costly errors.

With digiTICKET, we cater to agencies large and small, making citation issuance efficient and streamlined. Our software is trusted by large agencies like the Kansas Highway Patrol and the City of New Orleans Police Department, with over 100,000 citations and warnings processed monthly across various agencies.

States Supporting eCitation Software

Many states already acknowledge the value eCitation software offers. From providing unmatched solutions with excellent agency support to facilitating easier electronic traffic ticket procurements, we’re leading the way in transforming state and local government citation writing processes.

Benefits of integrating eCitation software for your Colorado electronic traffic ticket writing processes:

Local, District and State Courts

  • Eliminates human error and illegible handwriting
  • Reduces errors and redundant data entry
  • Accelerates the data upload into court case management systems
  • Ensures timely ticket payment availability, decreasing citizen complaints

State and Local Governments

  • Recovers lost revenues through reduced dismissals
  • Increases ticket writing productivity
  • Enhances traffic enforcement without increasing hours or personnel
  • Decreases costs by eliminating redundant data entry

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Reduces traffic stop durations
  • Enhances officer and public safety
  • Allows for easy reallocation of resources
  • Simplifies the reporting of various personal data
  • Reduces paperwork and manual data entry
  • Automates approval processes
  • Real-time reporting of ticketing productivity
  • Capture and report demographic data

Law Enforcement Officers

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  • Ensures safety with shorter traffic stops
  • Minimizes distractions during stops
  • Improves productivity at motor officer deployments and traffic checkpoints
  • Multiple types of tickets can be issued
  • Ability to deploy to a wide variety of hardware options, including Windows, iOS, and Android devices


Take your citation writing processes to the next level! Contact Saltus Technologies now to explore how our eCitation software can streamline electronic traffic ticketing and citations for your Colorado agency.