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eCitation Software For Texas

Public safety and law enforcement officers often face inefficiencies and inaccuracies with traditional citation methods. Saltus Technologies is here to eliminate these issues, offering streamlined electronic traffic ticketing solutions in Texas with our eCitation software. Our system not only alleviates common problems but also brings a host of other benefits to agencies both large and small. Whether you have just a handful of law enforcement officers on duty at a time or your agency is as large as the Kansas Highway Patrol or the City of New Orleans Police Department, our eCitation software can streamline your processes. Collectively, agencies use our eCitation software to administer over 100,000 citations and warnings monthly, cementing its essential role in modern law enforcement.

States Supporting eCitation Software

A wide array of states acknowledge and uphold the substantial advantages brought by our eCitation software. While numerous states equip their law enforcement agencies with local or standardized citation solutions, a significant percentage of states are turning to private industry offerings for more comprehensive and streamlined alternatives. These states facilitate smoother transitions to electronic traffic ticket systems by offering incentives to assist in procurement, recognizing the greater efficiency and support delivered by private sector solutions.

Our eCitation software benefits all sectors of state and local government:

Local, District and State Courts

  • Resolves the issue of illegible handwriting and human error
  • Reduction of repeated and error-prone data entries
  • Improved cash flow from quick electronic data uploads to court case management systems
  • Fewer citizen complaints due to prompt ticket payment options

State and Local Governments

  • Retrieval of lost revenues through reduced dismissals
  • Higher productivity in ticket issuance
  • Enhanced traffic enforcement without adding personnel or increasing hours
  • Improved safety for officers and the public due to shorter stop times
  • Cost reduction by eliminating redundant data entry

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Shorter traffic stop times, resulting in increased safety and resource reallocation
  • Removal of manual data entry and paperwork
  • Streamlined approval processes
  • Real-time reporting on ticketing productivity
  • Effective recording and reporting of personal data
  • Competent collection and reporting of demographic data

Law Enforcement Officers

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  • Increased safety due to quicker traffic stops
  • Less distraction during traffic surveillance
  • Improved productivity at traffic checkpoints
  • Capability to issue various types of tickets
  • Our electronic ticketing system is compatible with a wide array of portable devices, including Windows, iOS, and Android platforms


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