eCitation Software for Missouri

Throughout the nation, a persistent challenge plagues parking and police officers—handling citation issues efficiently. Mismanagement and errors in issuing tickets can lead to lost revenues and increased citizen complaints.Saltus Technologies and its adept eCitation software serving Missouri is engineered to transform these challenges into streamlined processes.


Saltus Technologies is at the forefront of revolutionizing citation management for state and local government in Missouri. Our digiTICKET solution exemplifies efficiency and precision, proven by its deployment across diverse law enforcement agencies. Whether it’s a team of three officers or a large-scale operation like the Kansas Highway Patrol, digiTICKET proves itself with over 100,000 citations and warnings issued monthly.


Electronic ticketing transcends traditional barriers, offering electronic citation solutions in Missouri that augment public safety and streamline operations. Our eCitation software for Missouri agencies is tailored to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and increase revenue capture.

States Supporting eCitation Software

Our eCitation software is endorsed across numerous states. These jurisdictions recognize the intrinsic value of deploying advanced, reliable, and efficient electronic citation solutions. Enhanced agency support, robust features, and seamless integration are hallmarks of our eCitation software.

Our electronic citation solutions for Missouri officers ensure:

Local, District and State Courts

  • No illegible handwriting or officer errors
  • Elimination of redundant data entry
  • Swift electronic data uploads boosting cash flow
  • Reduced citizen complaints owing to prompt ticket payment options

State and Local Governments

  • Minimized dismissals, increasing revenue
  • Augmented ticket writing productivity
  • More traffic enforcement without extra manpower
  • Enhanced officer and public safety due to quicker stops

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Reduced traffic stop durations
  • Enhanced officer and public safety
  • Automated data entry and approval processes
  • Real-time reporting capabilities

Law Enforcement Officers

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  • Safer, quicker traffic stops
  • Reduced distractions, increased productivity
  • Compatibility with various rugged hardware options



Reach out to Saltus Technologies to experience firsthand the transformative power of the finest electronic citation solutions in Missouri. Your journey to enhanced efficiency, safety, and public trust begins here.