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eCitation for Municipalities

The digiTICKET eCitation system is a wireless mobile application that automates the citation process, producing identical uniform citations in an electronic format that is instantly transmitted from the incident location to the court systems. digiTICKET replaces the manual paper process of issuing citations; eliminating redundant labor and the related data entry errors. digiTICKET enables officers to create citations and schedule court dates electronically, quickly and accurately using a range of mobile data devices such as handhelds, tablets and laptops. A portable printer produces a copy of the citation for the defendant.

After entry, the citation data is transmitted to the court systems automatically, maintaining information until transmission is confirmed, including the ability to upload at a later date if conditions or signal strength require. digiTICKET supports the widest range of existing court systems and is designed to easily interface to legacy RMS and other court systems.

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