Oklahoma Law Enforcement Agencies Expand Use of digiTICKET® eCitation Solution

Saltus Technologies Builds on digiTICKET’s Success for Cost-Effective Ticketing and Data-sharing with Records Management and Court Software

Tulsa, OK, June 23, 2016 – Saltus Technologies™, provider of the industry-leading digiTICKET® eCitation solution, announced today that digiTICKET deployments have surpassed 50 agencies in the state of Oklahoma. Developed with assistance from Oklahoma law enforcement, the system has quickly grown in popularity for its effectiveness in cost reduction and increasing agency productivity.

The solution’s ability to interface easily with third-party systems has played a key role in its success. More than 50 police departments across the state use digiTICKET to export data to their jurisdiction’s records management and court case management systems; including Oklahoma’s Offender Data Information System (ODIS).

“Our close partnerships with both law enforcement and third-party technology companies ensure that ticket data is easily shareable, and that ordinance information is in sync between the courts and the digiTICKET system. That cooperation improves accuracy, which avoids wasted time and lost revenue for our customers,” said Eric Fultz, president and CEO of Saltus Technologies.

Agencies across Oklahoma use digiTICKET on handheld devices, laptops and tablets in their patrol vehicles. Many departments have opted for Saltus’ digiTICKET Solution as a Service (dSaaS) procurement method, which provides everything required to deploy the solution (equipment, training, paper, maintenance and support, etc.) for a low monthly fee.

The digiTICKET product has developed a reputation as a very easy to use and reliable solution. Using handhelds, laptops, and tablets, Saltus users process over 65,000 citations and warnings each month for over 150 agencies in 15 states. The solution has proven to be a key contributing factor in increasing revenue by reducing errors, improving productivity and eliminating manual processes. Agencies have the choice to either purchase the system or acquire it using the digiTICKET Solution as a Service (dSaaS) procurement option.