Kansas Highway Patrol Rolls Out digiTICKET® eCitation Solution On Time and Within Budget

Saltus Technologies’ Innovative Electronic Citation Software Smoothly Deployed to 500 Trooper Laptops

Tulsa, OK, July 25, 2013 – Saltus Technologies™, a leading provider of innovative electronic ticketing systems for public safety, announced today that the Kansas Highway Patrol’s (KHP) initial scheduled deployment of digiTICKET® has been completed on time and within budget. digiTICKET, now installed on approximately 500 laptops, gives state Troopers electronic ticketing capability across all 105 District Courts in the state. The system is designed to reduce the amount of time needed for the officer to issue one or multiple citations, eliminate data errors, and reduce administrative costs.

KHP selected digiTICKET to maximize both officer and court system efficiency while recovering lost revenue due to clerical or handwriting errors. The solution also increases safety for both the community and law enforcement officers by reducing dangerous roadside time for everyone involved. Additionally, digiTICKET interfaces to the Kansas Law Enforcement Reporting (KLER) system that provides over 60% of Kansas transportation crash data to the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).

“Saltus worked closely with the KHP and Judicial Branch personnel to implement a system that meets our State’s diverse needs. The deployment time for the rollout was completed in four months,” stated Mark L. Thurman, CIO, Kansas Highway Patrol. “Ultimately, digiTICKET was implemented for the State of Kansas on time and within budget, deployed and in-use by about 500 troopers and 100 plus Kansas District Courts with no major issues to date. Saltus has quickly and satisfactorily addressed all issues as they arose during implementation.”

The KHP has also made digiTICKET available to all local law enforcement agencies in the state through a state contract. Through KHP’s investment in the highly configurable solution, agencies all over the state can realize the same benefits as the KHP.

More than 800 dedicated men and women proudly serve the citizens of Kansas as members of the KHP. Since 1937, Kansas State Troopers have offered Service, Courtesy, and Protection to the residents of the Sunflower State and to its millions of yearly visitors, many of them arriving on Kansas interstate roadways. Kansas is served by two Interstate highways totaling almost 900 miles and includes a beltway, two spur routes, and three bypasses. The nation’s first Interstate was opened on I-70 just west of Topeka on November 14, 1956.

digiTICKET has more than 2,400 end users in 11 U.S. states generating over 40,000 eCitations monthly. It has proven to be a key contributing factor in decreasing traffic accidents by more than 10 percent while increasing revenue by reducing errors, improving productivity, and eliminating manual processes.