Jerome, Idaho Police Reduce Costs and Danger With digiTICKET

First Public Safety Agency in Idaho to Deploy Innovative Digital Ticketing System from Saltus Technologies

Tulsa, OK, January 15, 2013 – Saltus Technologies™, a leading provider of innovative electronic ticketing systems for public safety, announced today that the Jerome, Idaho Police Department recently deployed digiTICKET®. digiTICKET allows police officers to use a handheld ticket writer to scan a driver license barcode and quickly generate municipal, county or state citations. The system is designed to reduce officers’ time, eliminate data errors and reduce administrative costs.

“Since we implemented digiTICKET, we have experienced a great reduction in the number of errors in both police records and court records related to citations. It has also reduced the workload for our records staff eliminating the need to enter each individual citation into the records management system,” stated Jerome Chief of Police Dan Hall. “In addition, our police officers really like digiTICKET because it makes issuing traffic citations quick and easy.”

Local and State agencies continue to face smaller budgets due to lower tax revenues. digiTICKET’s proven ability to increase officer productivity and recover lost revenue is a critical force multiplier; for both small and large agencies. Additionally, digiTICKET’s configuration tools, straightforward user interface and open architecture makes it easy to implement and simplifies integration with existing RMS and court software packages.

Saltus Technologies is now deployed in eleven US states and has proven to be a key contributing factor in decreasing traffic accidents by over 10 percent while saving agencies time and money.