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digiTICKET® Deployed After Head-to-Head, “On The Job” Competitive Evaluation by Casper, Wyoming Police

Casper Police Benefit from Saltus Technologies Electronic Citation System

Tulsa, OK, December 10, 2014 – Saltus Technologies™, provider of the industry-leading digiTICKET® eCitation solution, announced today that the Casper, Wyoming Police Department has deployed Saltus’ digiTICKET eCitation solution. Using a proof of concept evaluation method, Casper PD invited the three top bidders to field test their systems for 30 days in separate Casper PD vehicles for a head-to-head evaluation by their officers. digiTICKET was selected as the best choice after the evaluation period.

digiTICKET is installed on existing laptops in 60 Casper Police vehicles, providing their officers the latest in electronic ticketing innovation. digiTICKET reduces the amount of time needed for the officer to issue one or multiple citations, recaptures lost revenue by eliminating data errors and lowers administrative costs.

“Over our 30-day evaluation period, selecting Saltus was the clear choice,” said Police Chief Jim Wetzel. “They had the fastest response times and have been easy to work with. Since selecting Saltus, they have already implemented a real-time information transfer into our Spillman records management system and New Dawn database system, used by our Court personnel.”

“We are excited that Casper PD selected digiTICKET based on a real-world evaluation against another Tier 1 competitor. This award not only proves how easy digiTICKET is to use, but also provided excellent performance metrics,” said Eric Fultz, president and CEO of Saltus Technologies. “For instance, this test validated our focus on customer service, proving our support response times were four times faster than our competition.”

Nicknamed the “The Oil City”, Casper is located in the heart of Wyoming and is the second largest city in the state.

digiTICKET currently has more than 3300 end users in 14 U.S. states, generating over 50,000 eCitations monthly. It has proven to be a key contributing factor in decreasing traffic accidents by more than 10 percent while increasing revenue by reducing errors, improving productivity, and eliminating manual processes.