Bentonville, Arkansas Police Improve Efficiency and Save Valuable Time With digiTICKET® eCitation Solution

Officers Quickly Adapt to Saltus Technologies’ Innovative Electronic Citation Software

Tulsa, OK, February 13, 2014 – Saltus Technologies™, a leading provider of innovative electronic ticketing systems for public safety, announced today that the Bentonville, Arkansas Police Department has successfully deployed digiTICKET on 15 Motorola handheld mobile computers. The system is designed to reduce the amount of time needed for the officer to issue one or multiple citations, eliminate data errors, and reduce administrative costs.

Bentonville police officers can access digiTICKET easily as each officer is not issued a specific handheld, but can log into any of the fifteen that are available at the beginning of their shift. Each handheld device is carried in a custom-built case that includes a 4-inch thermal printer, making them highly mobile and easily shared among all officers.

“Saltus was selected as our vendor of choice after a competitive bid process,” stated Captain John Hubbard, Bentonville Police Administrative Division. “Our goal for deploying electronic ticketing was to streamline processes and reduce the time, effort and errors of the traditional paper citation involving the manual entry of data into our records management system. digiTICKET enables us to capture lost revenue without generating additional tickets while increasing an officer’s actual patrol time each shift.”

Bentonville is the tenth-largest city in Arkansas and is the home of Walmart, the world’s largest retailer.

digiTICKET currently has more than 4,000 end users in 12 U.S. states generating over 50,000 eCitations monthly. It has proven to be a key contributing factor in decreasing traffic accidents by more than 10 percent while increasing revenue by reducing errors, improving productivity, and eliminating manual processes.