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Alvarado, Texas Police Deploy digiTICKET Advanced eCitation System

Complete Electronic Ticketing System from Saltus Technologies Upgrades Ticket Processes

Tulsa, OK, June 20, 2012 – Saltus Technologies™, a leading provider of eCitation systems for law enforcement,announced today that digiTICKET has been successfully deployed at the Alvarado, Texas Police Department for oversix months. The digiTICKET eCitation solution enables officers to quickly create, record and print digital tickets,saving valuable time and drastically improving the safety of both officers and violators.

The Alvarado Police Department was seeking to replace another electronic ticketing system with a proven solutionfor its police officers. Located in North Central Texas, Alvarado has been using electronic ticketing for many years. Alvarado Police Lieutenant, Gary Melson said, “The switch to digiTICKET was very straight forward. The high-quality ticket design, web-based tools, and data interfaces have shown to be a substantial improvement over our past ticket system”.

The Police department chose digiTICKET as their electronic citation solution after evaluating other electronic citation vendors with customers in Texas. Key factors that resulted in the award were digiTICKET’s simple user interface, flexible pricing plans, and the ability to capture data such as racial profiling metrics.

Most Municipalities and State agencies continue to face smaller budgets due to lower tax revenues, so digiTICKET’sproven, documented ability to maximize officer efficiency and recover lost revenue due to the elimination of clerical errors is a critical force multiplier, especially for smaller agencies and police departments. digiTICKET’s ease-of-use and simplicity of integration to existing records management and court systems makes it very easy to implement. digiTICKET is in use in eleven States. It’s already proven to be a key contributing factor in decreasing traffic accidents by over 10 percent while saving law enforcement agencies time and money.