Shawnee Police are Investing in a New e-Ticket System

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SHAWNEE, Kan. – The days of police giving you a paper ticket when they pull you over are coming to an end in Shawnee.

Starting this summer, Shawnee police will join other Johnson County cities in issuing e-tickets.

A violator’s driver’s license gets scanned into the system, the officer plugs in a few pieces of information and the data goes straight to the court system.

“We’ll see tons of efficiencies in court because we won’t have so much data entry and any time you have data entry there’s always room for errors. So when that data comes over electronically, it’ll just be a seamless process,” said Shawnee City Clerk, Stephen Powell.

Shawnee police currently give out about 9,000 handwritten citations every year. The violator gets a printout of the ticket from a small printer inside the officer’s squad car.

Police said the system will also be safer because it will cut down on the amount of time officers and drivers are stopped along the side of the road.