Rogers Joins Cities Using e-ticketing Systems

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By Amye Buckley

ROGERS — The scan and print function of a new electronic ticketing system in Rogers will save time during traffic stops, officers said.

Carbon copy tickets can get lost, stuck to other papers or misfiled, but the digital system gets rid of that, said Lt. Mike Johnson, support services division.

To write a ticket now, an officer scans a driver’s license, selects the offense from a drop-down menu and prints a ticket from inside the patrol vehicle.

Law enforcement agencies around the region are divided on their adoption of a digital system for misdemeanor tickets.

Springdale is considering the option as are the Washington County and Benton County sheriff offices, spokesmen said.

Bentonville has used electronic ticketing for two years.

“So far it has really streamlined things, especially on the court side,” said Jon Simpson, Bentonville police chief.

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